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Nitro Gaming Headset with removable Mic for PS4 and PC

$74.99 $129.99


"I have a super good hearing and these beats the Corsair by miles. I'm very picky when it comes to headphones like these, so the volume for the PC is also controlled with one volume on this as well."
Adriana R.  Verified Buyer

 You've been gaming for a couple of years now, and your gaming headset is already tired. Finding a high-quality gaming headset is all about the convenience factor with no-compromise audio quality! 

 It's perfect timing to upgrade your headset into a  wireless gaming headset. The Nitro Gaming Headset™ has a deep and low range which is very convenient for online gaming geeks to use especially during online gaming streaming. 

Why The Nitro Gaming Headset Is Perfect For You


 VERY UNIQUE: The Nitro Gaming Headset™ has enhanced bass reproduction with crisp high, clear mids, and rich lows which keep immersed in your gaming.

  VERY CONVENIENT:  Sidestep system menus and quickly adjust your audio and mute the mic.

  VERY DURABLE: Built with adjustable steel sliders for long-lasting durability.

  VERY SUPERIOR SOUND EFFECT: The Nitro Gaming Headset™ has a 7.1 channel virtual sound which enables you to feel the most exciting and tense experience while playing computer games.

Most of the common problems in owning a  gaming headset are that the sound bass is so airy, and the highs are too conservative not giving you a resemblance that you want to hear during the gameplay. Sometimes you can't pinpoint what is happening! 

 The  Nitro Gaming Headset™ adopts 2.4G Wireless technology, provides fast transmission speed, and strong anti-interference performance which ensures clear, and free communication. This wireless gaming device has a very pleasant and open sound stage which is a kind of cool experience from a close wireless headset!