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Vacuum Sealer - Food Prep

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Get a strong, satisfying seal every time with the Food Prep Vacuum Sealer. This compact tool provides air extraction and a tight seal on vacuum-sealed bags.


It's so easy to use, you'll want to prepare batches of food in advance and freeze them to cook later for food prep. 

  • The Food Prep vacuum sealer can save you time and space
  • Removes air from the bag and forms a tight seal around the food
  • Store bags in the freezer, pantry or refrigerator
  • Vacuum Seal bags keep food fresh longer and keep from preventing freezer burn
  • The easy operation to achieve an ideal vacuum and reliably sealed bag.
  • Compact design is easy to store.
  • Seal food as a meal or a single serving
  • Recommended for use with our Vacuum sealer bags. 
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Durable enough to microwave and simmer


Vacuum Food Sealer:


Keep food fresh longer with the Vacuum Sealer Food Prep.
This system is designed to preserve foods using a vacuum sealer and bag system. It removes the air inside the bag to create a tight seal around the food. The multi-ply bag material is designed to lock air out and prevent freezer burn. The bags are puncture and tear-resistant and durable enough to microwave and also to simmer.
The sealing operation is quick and easy. This Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealer features a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy cleanup.
With these bags, it's easy to create snack packs or entire meals and store them away.


Sealing Length: 30cm
Certification: RoHS

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