FANTECH MH83 - Wired Gaming Headset for PS4 and PC



"I really like my new gaming headphones. For the price I didn’t expect the to be as good as they are.  A feature that I really like is to mute the mic directly from the headset. You can also control the volume directly from the headset. "

Minerva A.  Verified Buyer 

Reinforced yourself with a padded headband, skin-friendly leather and good air permeability material for a longer period of wearing gaming headset.

The  Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 has an audio driver can create an immersive 7.1 surround sound. It also provides a spacious sound field and clear bass, midrange and treble, allowing you to hear the brisk footsteps, dialogue and rumble explosions in the game.

Why The Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 Is Perfect For You

 ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 has an ergonomic design custom macro settings which is very convenient to use for gamers.

✅ VERY COMPATIBLE with any types of mobile phone so everything is perfect for you. 

 The Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 is very safe when there's water being spilled because it's waterproof and you dust free gaming headset.

✅ VERY EASY TO USE : The Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 is very easy to use and there's no more complexity in setting up with the USB plug adaptor.
The Pro X LightSpeed Gaming Headset 2.0 colorful RGB LED effects and gaming design add to the enjoyment gameplay, providing dazzling illumination. This gaming headset also converts sound signals into dynamic sensory feedback which is very good.