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Military Tactical Green Laser Pointer

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Are you a fan of hunting?

If you're hunting for a lot of time, you're sure to know that there are useful gadgets in your bag. For example, flashlight, knife folding, etc. You need to include a Tactical Laser Pointer as a professional hunter–a military-grade green high power laser. It is compact and easy to carry, which for any hunting trip is essential.

Whether you're a laser enthusiast or want to know about electronics, soldering, or physics, let's tell you that our powerful green laser pointer has a lot of uses! Good for films, star gazing, and pets playing. Our green laser pointer can be more effective in signalling searchers in a wilderness emergency than a flashlight and the LT1200 is the best laser pointer available to the public. 

Meet the innovative tactical green laser pointer LT1200— a carefully engineered groundbreaking high-grade laser and field test ready for action. The flashlight of the laser point is so bright that it can be seen in direct sunlight.



  • It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, lightweight and durable.
  • Operating Temperature-20°C ~ +60°C
  • Output TypeFixed focus, continuous output and working time of over 5,000 hours
  • It is a high-quality green laser scope make of aircraft-grade aluminum. Very bright even in daytime, good for use as hunting laser sight.

** AAA - Battery not included  

Customer Reviews

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Colin Cross
Damaged upon Receipt no Customer Service

When I received the laser the package was damaged, upon opening the pointer was damaged. Sent pics in email the day of, two days later and have since sent 3 additional emails. Not even a response from jawbone to date. Do not purchase ANYTHING from this company!

John Upset
Age verification. 30

My 12 year old brother bought this online and was pointing it at people. Yes it’s extremely powerful, it can be seen 900milesd away; however no child should be able to purchase this device. Both my parents and myself as well as his friends have reported not being able to see correctly after it’s been deployed at their face. After using my iPhones magnifier it does say not for children; however it is written so small you cannot read it without magnification. Please change your policy to age verify ever purchase of this extremely powerful laser. And it should DEFINITELY NOT BE USED to play with ANIMALS, THEY’ll GO BLIND!!!! I was an Army Ranger and we used similar lasers as non-lethal weapons to stop terrorist driving or to blind a wanted terrorist so we could take him into custody instead of shooting him. Please age verify prior to every sale. Now we have to deal with possible law suits from the individuals that has injuries from this device because a 12 year old was able to purchase this behind my parents back and deploy it on innocent people. I beg you please make this right, do the right thing.