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Professional Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound 2.0



"I have a super good hearing and these beats the Corsair by miles. I'm very picky when it comes to headphones like these, so the volume for the PC is also controlled with one volume on this as well."

JENNY F.  Verified Buyer

 You've been gaming for a couple of years now, and your gaming headset is already tired. Finding a high-quality gaming headset is all about the convenience factor with no-compromise audio quality! 

The  Professional Gaming Headset 7.1 has a virtual surround sound (plug and play), high definition microphone and adjustable headband. This gaming headset can also identify the position of the enemy in competitive games and give you the opportunity to win the game.

Why The Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound 2.0 Is Perfect For You 

 VERY UNIQUE: The Gaming Headset 7.1 has enhanced bass reproduction with crisp high, clear mids, and rich lows which keep immersed in your gaming.

  VERY CONVENIENT:  This gaming headset is equipped with a built-in USB audio sound chip. 
  EASY TO USE:  The in-line one-key mute switch makes the microphone ON / OFF easy in the game.

  VERY LONG LASTING:  The headband is designed for balanced weight distribution and reducing tension to maximize comfort during lengthy gaming sessions.

Finding the best gaming headset is very necessary when you're an online gamer. The sound of your virtual world will help communicate with your teammates. The sound quality depends on the type of gaming headset you choose.
 The  Professional Gaming Headset 7.1  is the newest quality gaming headset that you will experience the best quality sound that you could ever imagine. You will not miss ever single details of your teammates communication during the gameplay!