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Cute Cat Ear Wireless Headset™



"This is surprisingly good quality! When on your head you don't hear anything around you! My 6 yr old loves them and I do too. "

Marie L.  Verified Buyer  

Give your kids the freedom to enjoy a range of different modes from any device with specially designed Bluetooth headphones for children. Help them enjoy their music and world.

The Flash Light Cute Headset™  is designed with led glowing light on the two cat ears. You also can choose to turn off the LED blinking effect so as to reserve more battery for longer music playing.

Why The LED Cat Ear Wireless Headphones   Is Perfect For You


✅ FOLDABLE DESIGN makes it easy for carry and use it anytime, anywhere.

 NOISE CANCELLING MICROPHONE : This gaming headset provides high-end noise cancellation to enable you to chat to your fellow players with crystal clarity.  
 VERY COMPATIBLE with iPhone, iPad, Air, Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Phones, laptops, computers, TV and many other Bluetooth enabled devices. 

 VERY ADJUSTABLE : The Flash Light Cute Headset™ is ideal for chucking in school bags, for storing in hand luggage and for compact storage at home. 

Both learning and listening to music for long periods of time can hurt the ears. Headphones with less padding can be uncomfortable to wear after a while. That's why your child's sensitive ears need protection.

Flash Light Cute Headset™  features a flashing LED that you can turn on or off, for a fun combo of lights, music and color.