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Super Surround Headset 7.1



" I have used several types of gaming headsets and these are now my favorite pair because of the driver and the nice microphone. The surround sound on them is fantastic and works very well"

Andrea F.  Verified Buyer  

 Sound is your competitive advantage  when choosing a best high quality headset. Play all day with athletics inspired performance fabric air weave ear cushions that keep your ears cool and dry!

The Super Surround  Headset 7.1 is widely recognized as the best mics in online gaming, and this gaming headset delivers studio quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation compared with other gaming headsets. 

Why The Super Surround Pink  Headset 7.1 Is Perfect For You


 VERY COMPATIBLE : The Super Surround Headset 7.1 is  compatible with PC, computers, laptops, and Mac devices.

✅BUILT IN AUDIO : You can share your game audio with friends with the built-in share jack by simply plugging in any headset. 
 VERY ERGONOMIC : This gaming headset gives you easy access to volume and microphone mute. Game-time adjustments are as easy as tapping the ear cup.

 VERY LIGHTWEIGHT : The Super Surround Headset 7.1  is c
onstructed with strong, ultra-lightweight materials for maximum comfort and durability anytime.

The Super Surround Headset 7.1  has a cardioid microphone which helps reduce ambient noise for enhanced voice quality, to pick up your voice clearly and loudly so you will have smooth communication during the gameplay.