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Virtuoso Gaming Headphone™

$67.99 $99.99


"As the title says: Oh My God! I think I am in love with a pair of headphones. After pulling them out of the box they were huge but surprisingly light."

Silvia P.  Verified Buyer


Play through the most intense battles with the headphones form factor and awesome plushy ear cushions! Be heard loud without the distraction of the background noise.  

The Virtuoso Gaming Headphone™ 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Card creates an immersive gaming experience. 

Why The Virtuoso Gaming Headphone™ Is Perfect For You


 VERY ERGONOMICALLY padded headband which allows you a long gaming session without fatigue.

 VERY CLEAR AND LOUD SOUND which ensures the ultimate gaming experience.


 VERY VERSATILE: The Virtuoso Gaming Headphone™ is a good friend for your HG11 headphones and a work of art on your desk so it's very great during the gameplay.

  VERY COMFORTABLE to adjust the mic to pick on your voice and it helps to filter ambient noise every time you play.


The Virtuoso Gaming Headphone™  has been engineered and expanded to accommodate larger head sizes to make this wireless remote gaming headphone the most comfortable headphone ever.