FANTECH Chief II HG20 - Wired Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch



"This HyperX Stereo Gaming has a great quality, the ear parts feel very soft and comfy, perfect for gaming during many hours! The mic has an excellent sound as well!"

Mildred M.  Verified Buyer 

The gradual and colorful brilliant lights have a sense of science and technology and increase the atmosphere during the game. Enhance the sound of the game environment and experience immersive gameplay.  

The HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset 2.0™ is a new generation of 50mm sound units, with a high audio resolution, and good sound level and a high-quality sound effect to clearly restore sound details!

Why The HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset 2.0™ Is Perfect For You

  VERY HIGH QUALITY:  The HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset 2.0™  delivers superb sound quality with the range to hear everything you need to on the battlefield.

 STEREO GAME SOUND: It enhances the environmental auditory effect, speed response, and timely judge the location of the enemy during the gameplay.

 VERY ADJUSTABLE: The HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset 2.0™ evenly disperses 
the pressure of the earphone on the head which is very convenient.

 VERY COMFORTABLE: It has a free-adjustable headband with a lightweight durable-made steel frame that will free your head from extra burdens when gaming or listening to music. 

Enjoy the real clear and lossless sound quality with this HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset 2.0™ creating a field of immersion wherever in-game field, listening to alive concert or in a chatroom.